pick a business company from either chapter 8-12

Choose one of Chapters 8 to 12 from the course textbook Your Social Strategy –  Post Pandemic – 2021
Then, research a business that is using your chosen topic to their advantage in their online strategy. You have to link it to the chapter.
Using the template provided, create a report that answers the following questions:

Why do you think the business you have chosen is using this best practice online? 
How do you think this best practice has helped this business online? 
Include a URL to the timely relevant best practice youve chosen.

Your deliverable will include, as per the template:

Your report in PDF format submitted on the Blackboard.
Keep your actual report text to two pages maximum
On the front page, insert the URL to your best practice example as well as a screenshot of the best practice example you are submitting. 
Proper citing and referencing in APA format

Note: For your deliverables ensure you use relevant and timely examples.

Relevant meaning it adds value to the chapter youve chosen.
Timely meaning the example occured within the past month.
Links to the example need to be functional.