Policy report/ white paper

A policy report/white paper, modeled after reports or papers generated by thinktank or policy organization. Policy reports/white papers tend to be focused onsummarizing literature and conducting statistical analyses around a moredescriptive issue, problem, or policy. They contain a summary section where theyhighlight key findings/results, a short literature review and methods section, andlonger results sections. They sometimes include policy recommendations.Regardless of which option you choose, the final writing project should be at least 2500words (about 10 pages double-spaced, excluding figures and bibliography), and is gradedon the following rubric:Section Description PointsBackgroundresearch/literaturereviewAn introduction to your topic/question, and a synthesis of priorresearch done on the question, organized into themes. Youshould include at least 5 outside sources, and 3 of these shouldbe academic peer-reviewed. This can be shorter than atraditional academic article.3Methods Includes 1) a description of your data and sample; 2) thevariables section with information on how the variables aremeasured and coded, and 3) the analysis plan of the statisticsyou calculate in the results7Results Where you are calculating and interpreting statistics. Thisshould include: 1) Publishable-quality tables of all descriptivestatistics, and 2) at least 5 figures plotted in Excel or Stata15Discussion andconclusion OR keyfindings summaryEither a brief discussion and conclusion if you are writing anacademic article, or a key findings summary if you are writing apolicy report/white paper. If you’re writing the policyreport/white paper, you can choose to include your key findingssummary in the beginning.5Total 30