political science

Each question needs to be answered 1 page double spaced.1. What is punctuated equilibrium and why is it important? Discuss a specific example of a punctuated equilibrium from class.
2. When it comes to public health and the current pandemic, Americans struggle with, “the needs of the community versus the rights of individuals” (Garrett 2000, 302). Use class readings and discussions to answer this question: Is there a way to reframe this issue that could displace the conflict and change the scope? There is no correct answer here, but be sure to support your argument.
3. In some ways, inaction is a big part of public policy. How do ignoring, stalling, or removing issues from the government agenda impact public policy? How do ignoring, stalling, or removing issues from media coverage impact public policy? Give examples.
4. Explain how the policy image of flame retardants in furniture was viewed differently by different groups in the film “Toxic Hot Seat”. How did the chemical industry view flame retardants? How did the fire fighters and scientists? What frame dominated in the end? Were there any changes in policy as a result?