Polymer based on Burj Khalifa

Project Statement: Using the knowledge of polymer properties and processingmethods, produce a Burj Khalifa miniature model with Polypropylene (PP).Materials: Transparent PP pellets, colorants, metal flakes (this is what you seeshining in car paints). You cannot change the PP polymer, but you are free tochange or add other materials for producing the miniature Burj Khalifa of yourimagination.

What you have to do? 
1- Define the concept and design, what will your model look like? 
2- What processing method will you use? Explain the sequence andparameters. 
3- Explain the phase transformations involved, relating to Newtonian / NonNewtonian behaviour of the polymer during the process. 
4- Use your innovative and creative ideas!! 
5- You can present a schematic / drawing (hand-made sketches areacceptable), or explain the concepts in text. 

Summarize as a 2-page presentation ( Powerpoint)
Font: Times Roman 
Size: 12
Spacing: 1.5