Population Migration

Write an essay on Population Migration by tracing a major Cultural Indicator such as Music or Language or Food. 

For an example of tracking how and where people migrate: watch the videos under this week’s learning module before beginning this assignment.

As you look at the vast number of different musical styles (folk culture), and find many styles that are similar in different countries (popular culture), try to listen and look for unexpected musical style in say, French or British or German music. These influences are the result of population migration. For example, French popular music of today often has North African musical styles or lyrics embedded within. International migration carries with it strong cultural influence and music is just one avenue that can alter the popular culture, bringing specific music, language, religion from the country of origin to the destination country.Try to select one piece of music that shows this trait and explain the population migration path in your discussion. Please list the URL of any music you refer to in your essay.
You can use YouTube or Google to find videos /and sound files of music produced in different countries. 

Use standard essay form with an introduction, body, conclusion and reference page.
In the introduction say why you chose the country and the music you selected. In the body of the essay, write a paragraph about the location and physical geography of the country you have chosen. The second paragraph should list some history and culture of the people including migration patterns or colonial influences. The next paragraph should be about the music, include any cultural influences that you can ascertain. Write a conclusion to your essay and include a reference page to indicate where you found your information).
Important –

Cite your sources within the body of your essay; include the name of the song and performer/s and the URL and date you visited the website. Length about 1000 words.
Keep in mind the 4-Error Rule: after 4 errors in your work (Incorrect citation and reference formatting according to the Chicago Manual of Style, incorrect spelling, – punctuation,- grammar, incorrect use of upper-capital letters on names etc.) I stop reading and give a grade on the work up to that point.