you will be performing a rhetorical analysis of “Poverty, Politics, and Profit.”() Your primary task here will be to describe how the filmmakers make their argument, how they present the things they want viewers to believe (i.e., their claims) in a way that they think their audience will receive favorably. 

essay should be an example of critical thinking at work. Rather than responding as a passive consumer of the film’s argument, you’ll be an active, thoughtful, and skeptical commentator on the rhetorical strategies it uses. Ultimately, you might agree or disagree with the film—which “side” you take is not necessarily important or even relevant—but in any case your essay will enable your readers to see how the essay is a deliberate construction that advances a specific perspective for a particular audience.

essay that helps your reader understand how “Poverty, Politics, and Profit” uses the persuasive strategies we’ve read about and talked about in class to make its argument. Your task here is to analyze, rather than to summarize or advance your own perspective about the issues the essay raises.