Practice in Identifying Feelings and Reflecting Feelings in Writing

Listed below are eight client statements. First go through and identify the major feeling or feelings in each client statement. Then write down, You feel . If more than one feeling exists, reflect all that you can. If you have identified the right primary emotion but differ on the exact shade of emotion, you could be right depending on the context and nonverbals of the client.
Complete in a word document and submit via Moodle.

There I was, standing in front of the entire assembly, and I froze. Everyone was staring at me. My heart was pounding and I started to shake. I thought I was going to die right there on the spot. I can never show my face again after that.

And for the third time in a row, he failed to show. What a jerk! My daughter looks forward to these times with her father, and I hate to see him treat her this way. But I cant seem to do anything to make him listen.

The more I do, the more the boss seems to expect. Hes never satisfied and is always finding fault. I think I should start looking for another job because I cant take it anymore.

I cant believe I trusted my sister-in-law. She is such a backstabbing witch. I hate her. Shed start bad-mouthing my mother-in-law and get me going. Then after she got me saying negative things, I found out she was going back and repeating everything I said to my mother-in-law! Now my mother-in-law hates me.

We just moved here, and Im working two jobs. But somehow Ive got to find time to take my kids to their schoolmates houses so they can get to know people and have some friends. I just dont seem to have time.

My son keeps staying out late at night with his friends. He wont tell me where he goes. Im afraid hell get hurt. Hes probably able to take care of himself. I dont know what to do.

My best friend was hoping that Glenn would invite her to the formal, but he invited me. Shes not talking to me now and I dont know what to say. Its not my fault.

My dog is really sick and hes suffering. I know you probably think its silly but I am paralyzed. I dont know whether I believe in putting him out of his misery, and I dont know how I would cope with that loss on top of everything. But am I being selfish?