Prepare a solution document for the implementation the Business Application on the Linux server. Please see instructions

This Projectsatisfies the following objectives:
        Design and implement a secure networkinfrastructure that supports business goals and global industry standards.
        Manage and maintain a secure integrated networkinfrastructure.
        Evaluate and troubleshoot a compromised networkinfrastructure to re-establish a secured network infrastructure.
Detailed Assignment Description
FinalProject Scenario

Problem statement:
You are working as a Linux SupportEngineer for a medium size company.  Thecompany designs, manufactures, and sells the popular Widget product.  The user management team needs help withinstallation of a business software package.   
Now, in this case, you choose the businesssoftware.  The software can be anythingthat fits the needs of the business.  Someexamples could be office related software, financial, logistics, payroll,accounting, warehousing, CRM, HR, etc. Justify why you chose the software you did.
The software/application ismanaged using Linux user management commands and installed on a Linux server.  The user accounts for the application softwareneed to be managed at the OS level. Network connectivity and printing are important for the user.  OS level security needs to be considered.
Prepare a solution document forthe implementation the Business Application on the Linux server.

– A solution document between 5 and 10 pages, notincluding cover/title page and reference section.
– Justify your choice of software to implement
– List out specific components, users details
– Add diagrams/sketches if your solution has more than one component
– Add APA references for any research on this paper toinclude a table of contents
Project Assessment details
   – Project Definition                                           30
       – RequirementSpecification
–         Justification
    – Technical Design                                             30
      – Topology/Components diagram
      – Solution document                                       20
      – Implementation details
    – Maintenance plan                                          30
       – Administration details
       – Support details
    – Paper appears                                                 15
    – Documentation                                               75 
Total                                                                     200
Note: You may use any Linux OS you choose.
**Will also need a reference page**