Produce wireless attacks and malware

Part 1: The Ethics of Hacking

This part of the assessment helps you consider whether hacking may be ethical in a given situation.
Based on the knowledge you have achieved thus far in the class, compose a minimum of a minimum 1000 word, double-spaced paper that follows current APA style guidelines. Please refer to the assessment requirements and minimum requirements for formatting expectations. You must cite at least two references to support your paper.

You are visiting a friend who lives in an apartment building. As a result of your friends recent job loss, their cable TV and Internet have been turned off. Your friend needs the Internet service to look for jobs and knows that you have been studying ethical hacking. Therefore, your friend asks you to help them get free Internet from a neighbors wireless signal.
Would you help your friend hack into the neighbors wireless signal? Why or why not? What are the ethical issues involved?
What might the consequences be to you and your friend if either of you is caught? You should consider this from both personal and professional perspectives.

Part 1 Requirements
1. States a clear position on the scenario and provides a detailed explanation to support that position.2. Examines both sides of the situation to identify the ethical issues involved.3. Considers the personal and professional consequences involved.4. Demonstrates superior organization, is well-ordered, logical, and unified.5. Contains no grammar and spelling errors.6. Shows no evidence of plagiarism.7. Cites at least two references.8. Follows all writing requirements.