Product & Product Lifecycle Analysis of Porsche

Discussion Board: Product & Product Lifecycle Analysis of Porsche
Section I: Pick TWO key products from your assigned company (Porsche) and for EACH product analyze:
1.    From your work last week, what target segments was each product built to satisfy? (Behavioural, Psychographic, Geographic segments, etc.)
2.    Why is each product successful with its target segment?
3.    What point in the Product Lifecycle do you believe each product lies and what effects will that have on future growth and profitability?
4.    What are each product’s shortcomings in design, function and how it delivers value to target segments?
Section II: White Space or new opportunity
1.    Given your analysis above, what is ONE new product OR product improvement that your assigned company should be offering to a segment? 
·       Make sure to detail which segment your new idea would be offered towards.
Respond to the Individual Postings of at least two peers. I will attach peer responses in the uploaded files. You will need to write a short paragraph, 4-5 sentences. Based on your peer’s analysis suggest one additional white space or new opportunity they should consider (for THEIR assigned company) and make sure to tie your suggestion to a segment they mention in their answers.