Products Liability

Instructions:Your initial posts should be at a minimum of 200 words.Your posts should demonstrate an understanding of the assigned readings and include references to at least two (2) sources outside of your textbook. Please strive to use primary sources of law such as statutes, cases, and/or administrative rules and regulations. You may also cite secondary sources of law such as treatises.

Mowumdown Company manufactures a revolutionary lawnmower that mows lawns without a human operator. The lawnmower starts selling like hotcakes and Harry, the owner of a hardware store, can barely keep the item in stock. Fast Stocker, Inc., delivers new shipments of the lawnmower to the store at least weekly, sometimes twice a week, if it can be managed, in order to keep up with demand. The lawnmower has a design defect in that while it does mow lawns by itself, it also mows indiscriminately over small objects, including household pets and garden gnomes. Customers begin returning the mower to Harry’s store, telling him horror stories of how the machine ran over garden hoses, dogs’ tails, and in one instance, a prize chihuahua. Harry’s response is to tell customers to take their concerns to Mowumdown Co. Harry does not remove the product from his store. Most recently, a customer bought the lawnmower only to have it run over his bare foot while he was relaxing on his patio enjoying a cold beverage and the fact that the lawn was being mowed without him.

From whom may the customer successfully receive compensation for his injury if he brings a products liability lawsuit? Discuss each possible defendant in the lawsuit and the chance of liability being found for each. What possible defenses, if any, may exist for each defendant? What is your jurisdiction’s law regarding product liability in this scenario?

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