profile /potrait

Write a portrait/profile of a person.  
Think of someone close to you and try to convey their essence through clothing, sound, dialogue, gestures, and so forth.  Focus on some aspects of that person’s history, interests, or aspirations.  For example, depending on the person, you may focus on relating some aspects of their childhood, a preferred hobby, their present career and why he or she has this particular career.  Again, these are just possible examples.  Do NOT do this as an interview; instead, describe the person in an engaging way, and use your own powers of observation and interpretation.  
Another point to think about: no one is perfect; everyone has his or her little idiosyncrasies, maybe some not so nice habits, little quirks, etcetera; however, all these things are what make this person who he or she is, and this is what you want to convey to the reader!  Your audience wants to know about the “real” person, with all his or her faults; if you only give the reader all glowing information, you will most likely guarantee that the reader will question its validity.  It is also an easy way to lose your reader, becoming bored with reading about this too perfect person.
Very important to remember: you are writing about this person as to how “you see this person;” in other words, this is your perspective of who this person is.  For example, you may feel that your best friend can be a bit cranky at times when he’s tired; this is “your” perspective on how he acts when he’s tired.  Your friend may completely disagree with this and think that he is not cranky at all.  It doesn’t matter if he disagrees because “you” are writing how “you” see him, again, “your” perspective of just who this person is.
Again, be sure you feel that you know this person well enough to write about.  Don’t forget using your five senses.  And yes – reflection is a part of this essay! Speculation, “perhapsing,” supposing, and imagining can and should be a part of this essay.
Focus on keeping your work vivid and simple – a language portrait.  Think of it as being intended for someone who cannot meet this person.
Set up of your essay (according to MLA):
• 12-point font, Times New Roman
• Double spacing, 1 inch margins
• Minimum length – four to six pages (try for six!)
• Be sure to give an interesting title