Project Proposal Outline

Assignment: Observational Research Task Design
You only need to write the NO. 5 point (This is teamwork!)
The Topic is Starbucks Online Order 

1. Briefly describe the consumer behavior phenomenon. The project description should be
clear and sufficient for a college freshman to comprehend the topic. Additionally, your topic
should stimulate our curiosity about how the phenomenon is affecting real people, in real
world settings.
2. Give two precise examples of how and when this phenomenon is likely to occur in the
marketplace. Feel free to use brief video clips or other evidence depicting people engaged
in, discussing or experiencing the consumer behavior phenomenon.
3. Describe the research question guiding the teams investigation of the behavioral
phenomenon. Do NOT present hypotheses for this requirement. This research is about
describing behavior not testing relationships. For example, research questions about social
interactions with dogs or dog owners might ask: How are dog walkers using public parks
near residential communities? or How do strangers interact with dogs in public
4. SUMMARIZE two academic articles (a short paragraph of each one will do) that lend
significant support for the teams framing of the above research question.
5. Add a brief statement explaining why marketing executives, public policy advocates, or social entrepreneurs might care about your research findings.
6. Describe the observation task deemed suitable for obtaining original consumer insights on
the behavioral phenomenon.