Project Supply Chains

Planning, conducting and controlling supply chains in your response. [Hint: PMBOK PROCUREMENT – Chap 12, Plan Procurement Management, Conduct Procurements and Control Procurements.  Figure 12-1 is helpful].  You must clearly address how your project will go through all three phases of procurement management.

Highlight key Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs from each of the three phases of Procurement Management
Highlight key supply chain risks and how the procurement management process can assist to mitigate supply chain risks

Business writing implies shorter sentences, clear headings, topic sentences for ALL paragraphs and a clear objective set in the introduction and supported in the conclusion.

Consult our course materials and at least two other quality sources (in-text citations).

The paper should have a title page; include no more than 2-3 pages of double spaced content (title page and reference page is not included in page count).

Mechanics (grammar, punctuation, APA).

Attached is a project schedule with all key taks to base the Procurement Management on.  Also Chap 12 of the PMBOK starts on page 460.