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Camelot is generally considered an idyllic place, and the core values of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table uphold the importance of equality among all. In this es.say, consider how the downfall of Camelot ultimately occurs. Is it through the fault of one or two individuals, or do the issues extend well beyond a small group of characters? In answering this question, consider the representation of both men and women, and explain the series of events that lead to the end of this mythical realm. Be certain to use examples and/or quotes from the text to support your answer.
• Your initial response should be at least 500 words in length
• Use MLA format for any quotations or citations that you use to support your answer
• Use size 12 font, one-inch margins, and double-spacing
• Consult the MLA Formatting and Style Guide to understand how to format citations and 
references and for general writing assistance (writing style, mechanics, grammar, etc.). 
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