Provide a summary of the FHLB:

Many financial institutions in the U.S. receive implicit or explicit government support and were created by Congress to meet desired social and economic needs. These are generally referred to as Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) or Federal Government Agencies. The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore some of these GSEs. They are responsible for infusing trillions of dollars into the US economy, and they represent a potential liability to the US taxpayers. At a minimum, summaries should include: source of GSE capital funding, mission/line of business, tools/policies/practices that are used to achieve the mission, and primary customers/beneficiaries of the GSE. In addition to the summaries, you must submit a single works cited page for the entire assignment and properly cite your sources within the summaries. Please note that exact quotations (copying and pasting) from sources is not allowed, even if done correctly according to APA standards. All info from sources must be paraphrased.