psych 445 Literature Review of the Emerging Adulthood Experience homework

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DLiteratureReview of the Emerging Adulthood Experience: [30% of Final Grade] This paper shouldinvolve three parts: (a) an introduction of primary literature/research studiesrelated to the emerging adulthood experience (you may choose to focus on aparticular population, issue, etc. in your research) and why you chose this topic;(b) explore in-depth on the current research of the topic with 3-5 key pointsthat you have identified as main features about this particular group (forexample, strengths, weaknesses, vulnerability, current advocacy/supportavailable for this group of individuals, etc.); (c) a summary of the researchconducted on this population to include what youve learned through thisresearch and how it may have increased your understanding of this population.Alternatively, you may also use the last section to propose an advocacy projectfor a need specifically for the emerging adults you have researched
The paper shouldbe 7-10 double-spaced pages in length, with a references section of at least tenrecent primary literature/academic sources (at least half of your sourcesshould be published within the last 10 years and you may include up to three coursereadings.) 
GradingRubric (adapted from UMB Writing Proficiency Requirement): Thepaper will be evaluated in the following areas: 1. the analysis sustains anargument that supports a central idea, hypothesis, or thesis 2. the analysisdemonstrates the students ability to synthesize ideas from multiple readings,to incorporate and attribute sources, and to closely analyze at least one reading,a set of observations, or experimentation 3. the analysis includes accuratesummary and clear definitions of key terms developed in class 4. the analysisevaluates and assesses evidence, contrary arguments and points of view 5. theanalysis develops an idea or argument throughout the whole paper 5. theanalysis demonstrates effective organization of paragraphs, locally, withparagraphs that are unified and focused, and globally, with a clear structurebetween the introduction, supporting paragraphs and the conclusion.