Psychology – life – span development project

Your presentation should include the following three components:
1.     Provide an explanation of the background and significance to the research being discussed. This should include a brief explanation of the general topic that helps explain why the research is important (e.g., If the study is about sibling relationships for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), first briefly explain what ASD is and how it impacts on social relationships).
2.     Provide a brief overview of specific study results, while explaining terminology and avoiding unnecessary jargon.
3.     Clearly describe the conclusions and implications of the research.
In addition, you should keep in mind the following:
–       The presentation should follow a clear and logical sequence.
–       Your presentation should use language that is appropriate for an audience that does not have a background in the research article

Research and Topic:
How does domestic violence impact attachment and development for adolescence

select 2 relatively current (last ten years: i.e., 2010 or later) peer-reviewed journalarticle that involves original research (e.g., not a meta-analysis) relevant to your chosen topic. (Thisarticle will be the same for your presentation and paper).