Public Relations: Promoting Beef Jerky as a Healthy Snack

Text:  Introduction to Public Relations Strategies and Tactics-updated 11th edition        Dennis L Wilcox/Glen Cameron/Bryan Reber
        ISBN  9780134003559 or 9780205960644
This Is the book used for this assignment ^
Page 24 and if its ebook its Page 63.
A. Read the case and provide a brief summary:
Explanation of the current situation-background, customer or market, productDescribe the goal/issue or problem/opportunityCurrent public relations response to dateEthical implications, if there are any.B. Respond to writing prompt:
List strategies that Tom Jones can use to change consumer perceptions about beef jerky.Refer back to this statement in the case…..Your public relations firm is hired to:
increase awareness of Tom Jones’ products through sponsoring an event that would appeal to a  “work hard and play hard” audienceprovide samples at such an event to showcase the brand’s health snack messagegenerate local print, online, and broadcast coverage.There is no budget for advertising.So for example, for #1. describe an event that Tom Jones’ products could sponsor to reach the desired audience.
Use your creative energy to propose strategies that will help Tom Jones  Beef Jerky reposition their brand with the desired audience.
C.  Define these organizational functions.  How are they different?
1. Advertising
2. Marketing
3. Public Relations