public speaking

Are you familiar with TED Talks?  The acronym “TED” stands for “Technology, Education, and Design.”  This organization invites professionals from all walks of life to give the “Speech of a lifetime” in approximately 20 minutes or less.  It’s a tremendous honor to be invited to give a TED Talk.  In addition to that, they’re       wonderful to watch for their fascinating content and also because the speakers beautifully deliver their presentations.  We’ll be watching many of them this semester.
The first one I’d like for you to watch is by Julian Treasure, who is a “sound expert.” This talk is titled “How to speak so that people want to listen.”  Please watch it here, and then upload a MS Word document with the answers to these questions.
Here is the TED Talk link 

Here are the questions to answer about it.  Please upload this as a MS Word document, and try to write as professionally as you can.
1.  What makes Julian Treasure such an effective public speaker?
2.  What are three interesting new pieces of information that you learned from him?  Please explain what     they are in your own words.
3.  Do you think that people are good listeners these days?  Why or why not?