pyschology of gender

write a book report on Pink Brain, Blue Brain (book) (if need the book let me know I have it)
must talk about at least 2 chapters after chapter 5 and you can discuss chapters 1-5 if needed. 
and at least 4 of the class readings I will provide you with 
readings include: (The readings used should go along with the book)
– Beyond the Binaries: Depolarizing the Categories of
Sex, Sexuality, and Gender*
Judith Lorber, City University of New York 
– The Five Sexes: Why
Male and Female Are
Not Enough
Brown University
– “Night to His Day”:
The Social Construction of Gender
Judith Lorber
– Bias at the intersection of race and gender: Evidence from
preschool‐aged children
Danielle R. Perszyk1
* |
–  Sex beyond the genitalia: The human brain mosaic
Daphna Joela