Qualitative Matrix

Intructions:  Please review the required matrix document in the attachment

In order for you to select the qualitative research approach that best fits your research question, you will need to develop a deeper familiarity with the approaches available to you. This weeks Assignment is the first of a two-part activity designed to broaden and deepen your base of knowledge of qualitative research approaches. While the activity does not encompass all possible approaches, it does allow you to explore the eight most common approaches you are likely to encounter and may wish to consider for yourself.
For this Assignment, you will complete the first half of the Qualitative Research Approaches Matrix Template, which is designed to allow you to compare and contrast qualitative research approaches.
To prepare for this Assignment:

Review this weeks readings, focusing on the differences among the following four types of qualitative research approaches:

Generic qualitative inquiry
Qualitative case study
Grounded theory and realism
Phenomenology and heuristic inquiry

Locate the Qualitative Research Approaches Matrix Template in this weeks Learning Resources.
Read the examples of research studies provided in this weeks Learning Resources.
Select additional readings that focus on specific approaches (some suggestions have been provided for you in the Optional Resources).

By Day 6
Complete the Qualitative Research Approaches Matrix Template for the four approaches highlighted this week. Some of the cells have been pre-populated with sample entries or with prompts to help you focus your comparisons.