QUANTITATIVE Methods:Analyzing Quantitative Data.

Week 4: Quantitative Methods: Analyzing Quantitative Data
Research allows us to learn more. It will enable us to go beyond simple questioning and curiosity. It allows us to dig deeper, search for outcomes, and explore meaning. Throughout your practice, you will experience the need for research. Whether in your educational journey or within your career, research is an essential skill set for your role as a DNP-prepared nurse.
Research begins as a question that leads to the study and collection of data. Through understanding and examining variables, determining levels of measurement, and analyzing outcomes, the question presented comes into a more explicit focus. This week, you consider the role of research in nursing. You will explore variables in research and analyze data to develop understanding and meaning.
Learning Objectives
Students will:
• Analyze independent and dependent variables for research questions
• Identify levels of measurement for independent and dependent variables
• Analyze approaches for addressing advantages and challenges in the data analysis for variables and levels of measurement
• Evaluate frequency and descriiptive statistics
• Summarize descriiptive statistics