Queer Studies

Write a three to four page essay (12pt, double spaced, 1” margins) responding to ONE of the following prompts. Your essay must include an argument/thesis statement and textual evidence. A good essay will do the following: present an idea which is not obvious, limit itself by focusing on one or two moments from the text and film under discussion, and provide close readings of quotations from those texts. 

1. Consider the film How to Survive a Plague in relation to Michel Foucault’s History of Sexuality Volume 1. Do you think the film presents a confirmation of, or a challenge to, Foucault’s theory of sexuality and power? Make direct references (i.e. including quotations!) to both Foucault’s text and the film. Focus on only one or two aspects of Foucault’s text in order to limit the discussion

2. Foucault’s work, as well as How to Survive a Plague, represent the queer body as diseased, criminal, or compromised. Referring to both these texts, how precisely is disease, illness, or decay deployed by Foucault and the film as an important symbol or element of the queer condition? Why is the body so important in these representations?