race and media

Please respond to these discussion questions posted by your discussion leaders for this week. Be sure to refer to the materials posted for your viewing/reading and to the textbook materials you already have read.
(1. A ) Statistics taken from (https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2021/03/18/majorities-of-americans-see-at-least-some-discrimination-against-black-hispanic-and-asian-people-in-the-u-s/ (Links to an external site.)) show that:
46% of Americans would say that Black people face “a lot” of discrimination
30% of Americans noted that Hispanics receive “a lot” of discrimination
27% Americans said Asians receive “a lot” of discrimination
Reflecting on these numbers… Why are these percentages so different? What are some ways that Asians face “a lot” of discrimination in our society today? 
(2. A ) Reading this article about the Oklahoma Senator, (https://news.yahoo.com/oklahoma-gop-senator-draws-outrage-211405455.html (Links to an external site.)) list 3 reasons why this comment was inappropriate. In addition, how could Senator Rader have handled this situation differently?