rasian in the sun

This assignment will allow you to develop knowledge about the literary genre of drama and practice
closely reading and comprehending Lorraine Hansberry’s play A Raisin in the Sun. Please discuss all
three of the following questions in short-answer format. As detailed in the rubric, your answers should
provide clear arguments, evidence in the form of textual quotations documented in MLA style, and
thoughtful analyses of the evidence using literary terms and concepts where appropriate. This
assignment is open book and notes, and you are expected to abide by the university’s academic integrity
policy. You may submit your work to the “Test 2: Drama” assignment on Blackboard before the end of
the day on its assigned due date. There is a 1000-word limit.

1. Hansberry presents several dynamic characters who are capable of change. Discuss one dynamic
character from the play, explaining how they change and what events lead to their transformation.

2. Through the dreams of her characters, Hansberry addresses the larger theme of the American Dream.
What commentary does she make about the importance of this dream to black Americans?

3. Hansberry’s play was unique for discussing race and the effects of prejudice in 1950s America. How
does she use point of view and/or conflict to address the larger issue of systemic racism?