Consider either (a) one of the 6 types of reactors among the Generation 4 concepts or (b) anLWR concept from the following list: NuScale, AP1000, EPR, ESBWR. Describe the reactor itself– type of fuel, coolant, etc. and summarize the process toward deployment of that reactor or reactortype. Your descriptions of the reactor itself and the process toward deployment should each beapproximately 50% of your report and must be clearly separated. Each will be graded out of 50.Format your report as follows:•Single-spaced•Line between paragraphs.•12-point font from the following list: Times, Times New Roman, Palatino, or ComputerModern. No Arial, No Helvetica, and (especially) no CalibriEach report should be a minimum of 400 and maximum of 600 words.