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1.     Based on the Boissoneault text, what were the relationships among eugenics, literacy tests, and immigration during the early 20th century in the United States?
2.     Based on the article from “Struggles Over Immigrants’ Language,” write ten dates you find to be particularly important to the history of immigration in America, particularly as they relate to literacy. Make sure to include some dates from the 19th century and some dates from the 20th century (you may also include dates form the 18th century, if you’d like). For each date listed, explain what happened and why it is significant.
3.     Define “multicultural education,” and explain how it has changed over time in the United States.
4.     Based on the story of Flora Keshishian, what are some of the obstacles to education immigrants face in the United States that teachers, administrators, and other students may be unaware of?