Read directions carefully and completely (Readings in the Apollodorus text)

The assigned readings from the Apollodorus text are as follows:
Pages 27 to the top of 38. Read these for the stories and not the complete genealogies.
Pages 40-41. This is the story of the Calydonian Boar. Some names to watch for are Deianeira, Meleager, Heracles, and Peleus, who will figure in later. 
Page 43–the story of the Golden Fleece
Pages 48 to 57. This is the story of Jason’s quest for the Golden Fleece. The 1963 film features exceptional stop motion scenes by the master, Ray Harryhausen. A more contemporary take on the story was released in 2000, and that is the one I show my high school mythology class. The special effects for that one are quite good as well. Here is the trailer for the 1963 film. 
Pages 64-: the story of Perseus. Begin with section 4, the story of his birth. Continue with the readings through the story of Hercules. This will also present to you the story of Amphitryon and his role in Hercules’s life. Read about the 12 Labors and on until page 91, the death and rise of Hercules. 
Pages 97-98, the story of Minos and the Minotaur. 
Pages 101-103, the story of Semele and Dionysos
Pages 105-107, the story of Laios and Oedipus
Pages 120-top of 122, the story of Tyndareus, Leda, and their children
Pages 124-top of 126, the story of Priam, Hecuba, and their children
Pages 128-top of 130, the story of Pelias, Thetis, and the early days of Achilles. 
The last three readings will give you background on some of the major figures in the Trojan war, whom we shall meet in the Iliad. 
I also want you to read the myth in the document below. The story has to do with the concept of Xenia, or hospitality, in Greek culture.  

Your assignment is as follows:
Choose three separate incidents from the reading: one that surprised you, one that appalled you, and one that impressed you for its heroic nature. These should come from different stories. I don’t want all of these to come from Jason and the Argonauts, for example.  Discuss why you chose these and provide details from the text. Be sure to state the myth the incident comes from, and give a bit of context. Your response should be a minimum of 250 words for the entire discussion.