Read the ppt slides first the class activities are based – Order Paper from Assignment Pros

 Read the ppt slides first
the class activities are based largely on lecture materials
Read the following scenario (originally presented by Bernard Williams) and answer the following questions.
“Jim, the traveler, finds himself in a central square of a small quaint town. Tied up against the wall are a row of twenty innocent people. The “captain” of the town comes out with a gun with the clear intention of killing them all. But he starts talking with Jim and grows fond of him. To honor Jim, the captain suggests, Jim can shoot one of the twenty people there. If Jim accepts to do so, then the captain will let the rest go; if Jim rejects his offer, however, then the captain will stick to the original plan and kill all twenty people. Should Jim take the offer or not?”
1. What would Hedonic Utilitarianists tell Jim to do? Briefly explain your answer. 150 WORDS
2. Do you think that Jim should to what Hedonic Utilitarianists tell him to do? Why or why not? 200 WORDS
Read the scenario below and answer the following questions:

(a) Formulate the maxim behind the agent’s act. 
(b) Can the maxim pass the Universalizability Test? Why or why not? 150 WORDS
(c) Is the act in question morally permissible, according to the Humanity as Ends version of the Categorial Imperative? Why or why not? 200 WORDS