Reading History Understanding ones own reading abilities is helpful in teaching others to read.

As teachers, we must model the kinds of behaviors we wish to see in our students. One way of doing this is to examine our own reading, including: a) our own strengths and weaknesses as readers; b) the level at which we are comfortable reading (readability); c) our history as readers; and d) to take notewhile readingof the habits we exhibit (including making unconscious thoughts/behaviors conscious). Thus, in this assignment you will:-  Present a 3-4 page reading autobiography that examines:your first encounters with written texts and, if you can, your memories/feelings of thatthe kinds of reading you saw in your home (if any)your early experiences as a reader (in pre-K and elementary school)how your reading experiences and attitudes shifted during K-12 schoolingyour reading strengths and weaknesses in high school and collegeyour reading habits outside of school, including the kinds of things you like to read and whydescription of how you see reading today (escapism, learning, chore, entertainment, empowering, etc.)-The Reading Autobiography should  be done in prose format using standard academic language.