Reading Memo #7

Topic: The structure of inequality
Each reading memo must address the following items:
1. needs to summarize all the readings for the selected day2. discuss the relation of the readings to social stratification3. discuss whether or not you agree with the readings4. discuss the policy implications that the readings lend themselves to (if there are none then discuss why there are not any relevant policy implications related to the readings)5. proposes at least two open questions for research driven by the readings and your interests in the readings.
The goal is really a few paragraphs that consider the readings and raise some interesting questions.
READINGS:**** I have posted a pdf of the textbook please read the following pages in order to complete the assignment
13) Durkheim The Division of Labor in Society SS p.217
14) Weeden and Grusky The Changing Form of InequalitySS p.222