Reading Preamble and Discussion Question

Please write one thoughtful question for discussion based on the corresponding readings that I have added into the files section. You must address the two readings in the preamble.
Your questions must include preamble to the question. It is often smart and productive to write a preamble to a question. That preamble might be a short intellectual history of your questions, it might contextualize the text you are working with or refer to points in the text. Don’t make this preamble so long that no one can excavate the original question. However, if you can answer your question while you are writing it, you probably need to just state your point of view and move on to another, related question. Questions that rely on a simple Yes or No answer are prohibited. Your preamble and questions may respond to one or many readings and preferably at least two or more.
The readings are included in the files section please use them to write the preamble based on the question