Reading Reflections feminist study

feminist study 

(1) demonstrate your understanding ofand engagement with the assigned readings,
(2) start making connections between thesematerials and the world, and 
(3) think about further areas of inquiry. Of each weeks readings,you can either engage one singular reading for your reflection or multiple from that week.Your reflection should: 
– Be at least 400 words, but maybe longer
 – Identify, define, and discuss one or more major ideas, concepts, or quotes from theweeks materials – Make a connection with a piece of media, current event, or other relevant material outsideof the course (maybe its an example of this concept/topic; maybe it challenges theconcept/topic; where do these things show up in our everyday lives?) 
– Discuss what questions arise for you from the reading(s)what more do you want toknow about this topic? Are there other ways you are interested in engaging a concept?Etc. 

3 reading materials