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Read Chapters 18 and 19 in your textbook. Answer the questions below in full detail. To receive full credit for this assignment you must fully answer the following questions AND then read the responses of at least one classmate and reply to their thread with helpful feedback and/or comments. You can compare and contrast ideas. You will not be able to view the responses of others until you have posted your own thread to this assignment forum. To add your responses for this assignment, click “ADD A THREAD” to this forum. To reply to another person’s responses, click on their thread and click the “reply” button. You can put your answers and responses into the text box or attach a Word Doc file. Please always be encouraged to view the responses of several classmates to gain a larger perspective on the course material and a chance to read any information you may have missed. (Total of 2 points for this assignment: 1 point for your answers to the following questions and 1 point for a minimum of 1 response to a classmate’s answers.)

Define autogenics. Describe how autogenics work for relaxation. Explain how autogenics is related to health. (Chapter 18)
Describe what progressive relaxation is. Explain the benefits of progressive mussel relaxation. What is the difference between active and passive relaxation methods? (Chapter 19)