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Article to read: NAOIP Development: Eight Crucial Post-Pandemic Takeaways for the Industry

Prompts to answer:

– How would you characterize the current trends in the different major real estate sub-sectors: residential, commercial, retail, office, industrial? 

– What is YOUR view of how the current economy will affect the real estate markets for the next 5 years?

– In the end, what are investors really looking for when they invest in real estate?.


Articles to read: A) ULI textbook Chapter 12, and B) Building for retail success in hip neighborhoods ARTICLE (link) 

Prompts to answer:

A) After reviewing Chapter 12 of the ULI textbook, describe some key site evaluation factors involved in site selection: how do developers go about assessing potential sites? Which ones are you most likely to focus on in your project site search?

B) Read the article Building for retail success in hip neighborhoods by Terry Todd, which appeared in the Fall 2021 publication of NAIOP’s Development Magazine. What are the some of the site challenges the developer faced in the mixed-used property discussed in the article?

(Use at least one reference per prompt. This week might exceed the 300 words count, but try to edit your answers to come as close to it as you can. References do not count towards the total word count).