Recommendations for Solving the Problem of General Education Students Low Reading Scores at Beverly Shores Elementary

OVERVIEWTheOverview includes the first paragraph(s) of the literature review and it introduces the reader to the broad topics addressed in the review of the literature. This section should be somewhat brief and should mention the problem and purpose of the study and then introduce the main headings (the main topics) of the literature review. INSTRUCTIONS For this assignment, you will use the information from the textbook reading in Module 2: Week 2 to write an Overview section for your literature review. Though you may not know the exact main headings that you will introduce in your literature review, this assignment will help you to begin the process of making decisions regarding your official literature review and the main headings that you may include in your literature review. This is a 2-page assignment.The first page should be a correctly APA formatted title page that includes the title of your study. The second page should include the a well-developed, and concisely written Overview of your study