Research Proposal Guide & Rubric
Instructions: In preparation for your final paper, write a 2-3 page (double spaced) overview of your research paper. This short proposal, due on November 18th, 2021 by 7:00pm (Week 12), should be divided into the following 4 sections, see points for each section below:

Your initial research question (2 points)

○      Research questions are generally focused on a specific topic, population, and sometimes a subtopic. 
○      For example, “How do racism and sexism prevent women of color from gaining higher incomes?”. Notice there is a topic (racism and sexism), a population (women of color), and a subtopic (higher incomes).

Purpose of inquiry (2 points)

○      Consider why you are asking this question and its significance to your field of study. In other words, why are you researching this? Why is it important for you and others to know this?
○      For example, the purpose of the research question above may be: “to gather relevant data on the current financial disparities between women of color and white men. This data will support corporations and agencies in achieving a more equitable workplace.” 

High level, preliminary answers to your research question (2 points)

○      Provide a simple hypothesis, which is a proposed explanation, based on what you know so far. 
○      For example, the preliminary answer or hypothesis to the exemplified research question may be: “Black, Latinx, and Indigenous women are some of the most poorly paid across professions. These financial disparities lead to burnout and high turnover rates at corporations and agencies who could benefit from the unique perspectives and experiences these women bring to the workforce”

Annotated bibliography (2 points)

○      Your bibliography should have at least 4 peer-reviewed articles or books that relate to your research question. 
○      For this assignment, you should limit yourself to peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and books. Generally, as a rule, do not include academic book reviews, theses and/or dissertations. 
*Remaining 2 points are given to APA formatting, proper use of grammar, syntax, and clarity.