Reflection – comm problem/solution

WHAT: Write a 300-500 word personal reflection that gives the instructors a sense of the kinds of organizational communication problems you might be interested in addressing in your final project. 
WHY: When I took my own online class, there were times when I felt like I had something to say, but not really to everyone, and I had no assignment or place to process and say it.  This assignment option gives each of you that space. 
1. Choose a significant organizational problem that you’ve seen/wondered/worried about etc. 
-Problems are everywhere and potentially everything. Here are just a few examples (retaining employees, discrimination, poor reputation, struggling to make online workers feel connected to the organization…..) there are tons of options. What problems are you interested in?
-It can be a problem you’ve seen in an organization you are part of (religious organization, sorority, an org you work or volunteer for, Mizzou, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation… etc.) 
2. Write a paragraph describing the problem and how it is a communication problem.
3. Choose an organizational communication theory discussed in this course that can help you or whoever has the ability to, to manage/solve that problem.
4. Write a paragraph briefly overviewing the theory (examples of theories we have covered include, Scientific Management, Weber’s bureaucracy, McGregor’s theory X/Y, Mary Parker Follett’s Collaboration, Likert’s 4 mgmt styles, Schein’s culture theory and many more.) and explain how/why you think it might be helpful in solving your organizational problem.
–You do not have to cover an entire theory in this answer. You are welcome to focus on the principle or elements of the theory you think you could encourage the org to use to improve the situation. 
500 words is not many. So you may need to write a draft and then edit it down to be under the word count limit. For example, this assignment blurb is over 300 words long. (!)