Reflection Paper

For this assignment, I would like for you to take just one aspect of Christ’s work of Redemption from Scripture and reflect upon it.  Look in the Gospels (Matthew Mark Luke or John) for your story (hint, look near the end of the books.)  You can use any event from Christ’s Passion, His Death, His Resurrection, OR His Assumption.  Don’t try to do more than one.  In the first paragraph, say which part or aspect you are discussing.  This part can be very brief because I am already familiar with the events.  The rest of the paper should be a reflection:  your thoughts on the events, perhaps why you think God chose to have this be a part of the Paschal Mystery, or what the event means to humankind and in particular, YOU.
Needs to be at least 300 words (include the word count for 5 points.), in MLA format.