Relationship between Prospero and Caliban and Ariel

Overview explanation of project: 

The purpose of choosing a topic isn’t to show that you’re good at choosing a topic. It’s just helpful to have a lens through which to read these articles, and something to focus your summaries and synthesis on.  Academic articles are long and complicated, which is why I’m only requiring that you use three of them for this project. DO NOT wait until the last minute to look for articles: you should start reading as soon as possible.

You may use your edition of The Tempest for all three of your articles, if you like. I am limiting you to the most recent section, however. This is pp 142-298 in my edition. In case the other edition is numbered differently, this section starts with the Frank Kermode article “Art and Nature” (don’t use any article published earlier than that one) and ends BEFORE the section called “Rewritings and Appropriations.” If you want to look for other articles, use the database called JSTOR in the UGA Library (see the document on this on eLC). Be sure not to use any articles published before 1985 if you use JSTOR.

There is a model of a Research Project in the module General Writing Info called “Article Summary for Research Project.” It doesn’t include the reflection paragraphs, but the directions for that section are pretty self-explanatory. Format your Project exactly as it’s formatted in that document.

Directions for Project

1200 words minimum

Follow the format of the example on eLC

Due: Wed Nov 2 by 5pm on eLW

Choose a topic to research. Examples of topics relating to The Tempest are: authority, education, postcolonialism, magic, theater, spectacle, music, love/marriage, any of the characters, imperialism, – really anything that interests you about this play.

Using three articles from your text of The Tempest and/or JSTOR, first write a summary of each article’s main points. Second write a paragraph in which you summarize each article’s approach to your topic. Third, write a paragraph in which you synthesize the three articles’ approaches to your topic. By this I mean talk about the ways the authors agree and disagree with regards to your topic. Fourth write a reflection paragraph in you answer the following questions:

Which article was easier for me to understand, and why?

Which article do I agree with most, and why?

The lengths of your summaries, synthesis, and reflection paragraphs will differ, but the total needs to be at least 1200 words, NOT INCLUDING the article citations.  I will be grading this project on thoroughness, but also on clarity, so it’s not a good idea to exceed the word count by too much. There shouldn’t be any obvious padding in any part of the project.