Topic: Foreign domestic worker in Singapore

Refer to Assignment Brief.doc page 11 & 12 for detailed requirements.

A sample (Sample Example.pdf) has been uploaded for your reference. 

Additional note

If you look at the assignment brief, it requires us to “generate insights via opinion surveys, interviews with practitioners/employee, provocative reviews of publications/issues, or others. This is to value add to the research paper and is considered primary research. I would like to kindly request for you to help me do up around 2 or more “fake” interviews (or real if you wish) to generate insights that would help with my research paper. It could be in a form of a phone call transcript or email or text exchanges. You may once again refer to sample file. 

Please include the above in the appendices as mentioned in the assignment brief. Please note that secondary research will be needed as well. 

I have also attached my slides from this module from Week 1 up to Week 8. Slides for Week 9 and after are not available to us yet. Transcripts are also included (more information), and I have included them up to Week 10. For content in Week 9 and 10, you may refer to the transcript for module content. The project requires that our project topic shed insight (something new, useful and not available elsewhere) on any issue with relevance to the module. This is extremely important!