Reputation Management at a car manufacturing company

Task Description

write a 2500-word essay in Microsoft Word format, that describes and analyses
how the particular company manages its corporate communication and

First, choose a car
manufacturer that you want to analyse. Based on thorough research, present a
critical analysis of the strategic
public relations position of your chosen company, including the PR
strategies/approaches it is employing. In your analysis you are likely to
consider the company’s mission, vision, corporate identity and image, its
Corporate Social Responsibility activities and policies, its social media
strategies, and any issues (or crisis) that the company has been facing, and
any other communications activities the company has been engaged in and have
had an impact on its reputation.  (This
part should be about 80% of the entire essay.)

Next, based on the
above analysis provide recommendations about how the company’s
management should address some of the issues identified in the first part.
Recommendations should be specific, avoiding generalizations, and justified.
You should devote to this part about 20% of the essay.

The time period is the recent past (1 or max 2
years), but you can refer back to significant events which originated during
earlier times but still have an impact on the company’s reputation.

Sources you may use: media coverage, the
company’s web-sites, social media, annual reports, CSR reports, image or
consumers surveys etc.

Deadline: Please see on the Moodle
page of the module.

The assignment will be
assessed based on the following criteria (see the grid on Moodle):

Quality and quantity of background research 20%

Analysis of position and strategies 25%

PR applications 25%

Recommendations 15%

Presentation grammar, and referencing 15%


Word count must be provided.
Papers shorter than 2,250 and longer than 2,750 words lose 10 points. Papers
shorter than 2,000 words fail automatically.