Reseach Outline

Please based on the Research topic proposal and Annotated Bibliography and write an outline for the research paper.

The outline you submit may be either a topic or sentence outline. It should clearly define the structure of how you will be presenting your ideas on the topic. It should indicate not only the major parts of the essay but also the subdivisions within these parts. You can assume that a single heading in your outline would require two or three paragraphs of the actual written essay. Furthermore, you should note where citation of sources would be applied. A simple and common organization frequently is the best, but it will not always work for every topic or for every writer.
This paper will be evaluated using the following rubric criteria:

What is your topic? Introduce your central idea (your thesis, your academic argument) as well as the works to be studied. What methodology will you be using?
How much and what kind of supporting evidence did you discover? Present your evidence with your interpretation relating it to the topic.
In what ways is this evidence relevant to and convincing of your topic? Present any counterevidence and your rebuttal.
In what order will you be presenting this evidence to “build a case” for your reader? Will you present your strongest evidence first or last?
What does your evaluation of this evidence reveal so far? What do you expect to be your conclusion?