Research method in the Social Science

You are asked to investigate the following question:
Do political advertisements influence who you vote for?
You are requested to design and carryout a mini survey to answer the research question above.
1. First state the research question.
2. List your independent and dependent variables
3. List your hypothesis
4. Provide details about the type of survey that you intend to carry out to answer your research question.
5. Develop the questionnaire with a maximum of 10 questions you will be asking your respondents in the order in which you will be asking the respondent. You also must present the categories. You need to include your questionnaire in your report. Make sure that you present the questions and responses for each question.
6. Decide how you are going to administer the questionnaire:
– face-face (This may or may not be possible due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. in which case select a different survey method)
– mail
– telephone
– on-line
– using social media
Using the questionnaire you developed in #5 above, interview at least 5 respondents (your family, friends, co-workers or fellow students are acceptable for this survey. Given the short period of time select the most convenient type of survey administration.
7. Present your results descriptively where possible. Make sure to include this as part of the report.
8. Based on your survey what can you say about your hypothesis?
9. Prepare a research report along the outline listed below:
        Cover page        Introduction        List research question — Do political advertisements influence who you                              vote for?        List Independent and dependent variables        List Hypothesis        Type of survey that you intend to carry out to answer your research question.        How you went about developing the questionnaire        How you administered the questionnaire        Present your results        Discuss your results (How many people said X and how many said Y etc.)                  based on your survey what can you say about your hypothesis?    Conclusion.