research paper

Introduction/RationaleNow its time to embark on the research study youve prepared for in Project 2. In Project 2, you learned how to craft a personalized research process to help you read in to a topic that interests you. It is time to take those research skills and put them to use in building persuasive arguments about your topic, targeted to a specific audience. You will compose a researched argument essay, using the argument types outlined in our reading (definition, evaluation, causal, rebuttal, proposal). The objective of this paper is to present the findings from your research, composing an argument about the issue youve identified within the topic you studied. You will present your argument in two related projects the Research Essay Project, and the Infographic Project. These two projects will draw on the same body of research, but will use different genres to present your findings. For this project (Project 3A), you will be focusing on writing in an academic tone and style, developing your ethos as researchers by practicing using an academic voice to respond to or join the conversation you see happening. In Project 3B, you will focus on using elements of visual rhetoric and argumentation to produce an infographic based on your research.In order to help you produce a researched argument for an academic audience, you will find a collection of links to models from undergraduate research journals at the end of this assignment sheet. These journals, filled with student-authored essays, are places for students (like you and your classmates) to publish their research and participate in scholarly conversations.Assignment PromptYour final paper should make the reader feel like the argument you are making is reasonable and persuasive, supported by research-based evidence (a reason it is very important to be strategic with your choice and use of sources, to keep excellent notes on rhetorical analysis of sources, and to sketch out the conversation accurately).You will integrate data gathered through your research into the conversation that you have already begun to identify in your I-Search project. You will further your knowledge by adding at least 4 new sources to your works cited list (2 scholarly, 2 popular, and any other applicable sources needed). More than half of the sources used in the final draft of your Researched Essay Project should be peer-reviewed scholarly sources.In order to successfully complete this essay assignment, you will need to: Make a claim that is based on the claim types we read about in From Inquiry to Academic Writing Support your claim throughout your essay with examples and evidence gathered through your research methods. Identify and clearly target a specific academic audience with your writing, considering whether that audience is comprised of insiders or outsiders relative to your community of observation.