Research Project Part 2 of 5

Add at least 2 more scholarly resources to your research project.  As you learned during Week 5, sources like encyclopedias, wikipedia, the bible, popular magazines or websites (National Geographic, The New York Times), do not meet the criteria of “scholarly.”
Add at least 1 image with an APA citation.  Your image citations must be added below the image (in-text) and to the reference section.   Example: An image in-text citation and image reference (Links to an external site.) (toggle between the tabs labeled “in-text” and “reference” to see examples of each). 

You can download images and upload, or you can take screenshots. 

How to take a screenshot on any device:

Start writing the content of your paper.

You need to pick 1 of your 3 main points and write at least 150 words.


Open the draft you submitted during Week 5 and read the grading comments.  

Incorporate my grading comments into your Week 7 submission.  You will be graded on your ability to do this.

The minimum requirements for your paper this week are:

A clear topic
3 good, scholarly resources 
1 image or map with an APA in-text citation and reference (see student example below).
This submission must have at least 1 main point or paragraph.  Clearly identify your first main point with a  subheader.  You must write at least 150 words.

What is a “main point?”  Each of the main points in your paper should be a separate paragraph with a subheader.  Each main point should clearly have a sentence identifying the purpose of the paragraph, often referred to as the “topic sentence.”  The discussion in each paragraph will need to support your topic sentence with evidence and examples.  You need to utilize the high quality references you have selected to support your topic sentence.  These references are your evidence to back up your statements and discussion.  You may even need to find more sources to do this well. 
How do I organize paragraphs in an academic paper?

Reminder: this is part of larger research project, with benchmarks/drafts  due biweekly.    I am continually working with you to improve your submissions.  Throughout the semester, you will be working on the same topic you picked during Week 5 and editing your most recent benchmark submission.    
Image in-text citation and reference:

The griffin warrior’s grave at Pylos.  (Papadopoulos, 2017)