Research Report Serena Williams

Write a 1000 word minimum, typed, MLA format report, answering the following questions 

Why you chose to research the individual 
After thoroughly researching your choice, what did you find most interesting? 
What was the impact on society, then and now? (the most important part of your research) 
The following questions are prompts to help you get to the true impact. Utilize them to strengthen your research project.
What did this individual do that was significant to their sport and to society?
What did they sacrifice in order to make contributions to changes that were bigger than themselves?
In today’s world, who has benefited most from their contributions?
Were there particular ideologies at play?
If this  individual did not exist, what would we as a society be lacking in today?
Could you see yourself in the role you are researching, and what would you done differently?
What did you learn that you didnt already know about the individual? 

5 sources with proper citation.