Researched Problem-Solution Essay

sYou will write a 1250-1500 word, double-spaced, 12 point font essay proposing a solution to a problem faced by a community or group to which you belong, and address your proposal to anyone who might help solve the problem. This paper should be in MLA format, including the headers, page numbers, and in-text citations and Works Cited page. Use Times New Roman 12 point font as your font type, please. (Use that for the Essay and Annotated Bibliography, too. Make sure that all 3 of these assignments are formatted in MLA format, from the paper headers to the titles to the citations.) Word count does not include outline or Works Cited page.
You should pick a topic that has a direct impact on your life. Think of an issue that you are deeply interested in and that affects your daily living. The best research papers are about something that interests you. Dont forget that this is a persuasive paper; your primary purpose is to convince your readers that your proposed solution to the problem is the best one for the given situation.  Using a alphanumeric outline (either a macro or micro) will help you plot out your research paper. Use your online writing resources often! You have had four hours of tutelage from “ 24/7Homework Help” in Canvas to use all semester. Now is the time to use what remaining time you have left. Consider using the FSW Writing Center, too. Every little bit can only help.

Sample Essay
Please be sure to review the following 

Points to Consider
A Well-Defined ProblemBefore presenting the solution, a proposal writer must be sure that readers know what the problem is.  The writer must establish that the problem indeed exists and is serious enough to need solving.
A Proposed SolutionOnce the problem is established, the writer must present and argue for a particular solution.  Be sure that the topic is narrow and that the solutions are reasonable.
A Convincing ArgumentThe main purpose of a proposal is to convince readers that the writers solution is the best way of solving the problem.  Proposals argue for their solutions by trying to demonstrate:

that the proposed solution will solve the problem
that it is a feasible way of solving the problem
that it stands up against anticipated objections or reservations
that it is better than other ways of solving the problem

A Reasonable ToneRegardless of the proposal or the argument made on its behalf, problem-solution writers must adopt a reasonable tone.  The objective is to advance an argument without having an argument.  The aim is to bridge any gap that may exist between writer and readers, not widen it.  Writers can build such a bridge of shared concerns by showing respect for their readers and treating their concerns seriously.  They discuss anticipated objections and reservations as an attempt to lay to rest any doubts readers may have.  They consider alternative solutions as a way of showing they have explored every possibility in order to find the best possible solution.
Most important, they do not attack those raising objections or offering other solutions by questioning their intelligence or goodwill! Please use the outline structure below to help you formulate an effective proposal essay. 
Final Essay Outline Structure:
Main Title and Subtitle (center; use colon to separate the two): _________________________________
Introductory Paragraph: What do you need here to establish the rhetorical situation to set up thesis?
Thesis Statement (one underlined or highlighted sentence): __________________________________.
Note: Thesis = Subject + Assertion + Premise
Body para. 1) State why your topic is a serious problem.

Body para. 2) State previous solutions attempted; State the best/most feasible solution.

Subpoint A (past solution)
Subpoint B (past solution)
Subpoint C (best solution — your solution!)

Body para. 3) Establish criteria for your solution (e.g., money, time, people, technology?)

Subpoint A
Subpoint B
Subpoint C

Body para. 4) Demonstrate your solution will work: Implementation?

Body para. 5) Demonstrate benefits of your solution: Who will benefit from solution?

Body para. 6) Demonstrate your solution’s pitfalls: Counterclaim and rebuttal?

Concluding Statement (*call to action): _______________________________.
Your essay must have:

Essay must include topic outline (NOT included in word count).
Main tile and subtitle of essay must reflect the thesis, and both are grammatically and mechanically presented correctly.  
Essay is presented in third person grammatical point of view and utilizes formal mechanics.
Introduction clearly establishes the rhetorical situation for the reader. that leads the reader the reader to an underlined thesis. 
A clearly defined and documented problem to be solved is then presented, one that expresses kairos and exigency. 
A nod to past solutions with a convincing argument in support of the solution is then presented.
Evidence/support documented in MLA must be provided with clear explications in all paragraphs. 
The benefits of the solution are clearly articulated and strongly worded with evidence. 
An anticipation of readers objections and questionscounterargument(s). It is important in this assignment that you address your opposition. At some point in the paper (see outline), you need to acknowledge your opposition and deal with opposition points. You can choose to either completely refute an opposition point, or you can choose to concede that the oppositions point is of some value. You may find that you do both of these things at the same time. When you include a counter argument, you must make it clear that the other sides viewpoint is not your viewpoint and you must always refute or concede!

Evidence to back up your ideas:

You will be conducting research to find statistics, facts, quotes from experts, and studies. THIS IS A COLLEGE-LEVEL RESEARCH PAPER! You should also conduct an interview if its a possibility for your topic. Hypothetical examples, anecdotes, and personal experience can also be used in this paper, albeit sparingly. Again, it’s a college research paper, not a personal life experience paper. Make sure your anecdotal references count. You will need to use evidence to define your problem/solution, as well as it’s implementation and potential impact.
You will also need evidence to support the validity of your proposed solution, yet establish the premise of the problem. A bulk of your research will be used to show your solution is best (see outline), but every body paragraph should have research in it, even your opponent’s point of view (eg, counter claim). You must use a minimum of five credible source as per instructions. Research sources can include magazines, books, credible internet web sites, scholarly journals, articles from NC Live and interviews. You will use MLA documentation to give credit to your sources through various quotation integration techniques that are cited with in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
Please review the grading policies in the syllabus for college-level writing expectations. As with your previous essays, please write this essay in an academic voice: avoid the words “you” and “your” and if you use the word “I” make sure it is in connection with a personal example. Do not announce your writing with phrases like “I think,” “I feel,” or “I believe.” Last, avoid contractions and other informal syntax, words, and phrases. Remember: this is a college-level research paper, so you want it to sound and read like one! 
All final submissions must be in doc or docx format (i.e., Word document).
Final essay must include an alpha-numeric topic outline (see sample).

Minus one grade letter for missing or incomplete outline. 

NOTE: Final essay’s word count does NOT include outline nor Works Cited entries. It’s the essay only (e.g., introductory hook – concluding statement