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(Discussion One) 
I purchased my first home in 2003, at the age of 25. It was a major purchase for me and I can vividly remember it being a daunting transaction. There were several emotional factors that went into this purchase. First, I was tired of renting an apartment, and believed that I could purchase a small, starter home with monthly payments equal to what I was paying in rent. The emotional aspect of feeling as though I was throwing away money played a role in my purchase. Second, I was happy to have my first job out of graduate school (though not making a lot of money), and felt as though home ownership was my next move. 

The economic factors that went  into this decision was that I was able to obtain a great interest rate and in the end, my mortgage was about $150 less than I was paying in rent. For me, price wasn’t the only factor in the purchase, but there were emotions involved that pushed me to make the purchase